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Security & Privacy Features

Unparalleled Security

The patented solution creates a secure foundation for our hyper-connected economy.

From health records to legal documents, people need to be able to access and share their personal information. But how can we reclaim our privacy and fend off cyberattacks?

The SEED Protocol is a patented breakthrough solution featuring:

  • A Distributed, Interlocking Design delivering unparalleled security
  • Individualized Encryption protecting data at rest and in motion

You Control The Keys

You decide who has access to specific information and when.

Encrypt Confidential Files

Encrypt confidential files with your personal locks, creating an insurmountable cracking hurdle for data both at-rest and in-motion.

 Monitor Access

See who has access to protected files and when. Our WatchDog feature engages  everyone who has access in monitoring activity.

Full Lifecycle Protection

Your data retains its original encryption as it moves from organization-to-organization. 

Securely Exchange Data

Send and receive encrypted data from your doctors, lawyers, business partners, family members and trusted friends.

Gain access to and control of your confidential information. 

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A Revolution in Privacy & Control of Personal Data

SEED 101: The Problem & Our Solution

U.S. Patent Nos. 9,378,380 and 9,390,228



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Founding Team

Over three decades of experience with network protocols, cybersecurity and IT management, Tom has earned his reputation as a technology visionary and a hands-on leader. He is both an idea guy and a workhorse – a rare combination of innovation, execution and integrity. Tom has built and led organizations as large as 100 people and managed multimillion-dollar budgets.

In 2006, Tom founded the Reid Consulting Group, offering a range of services including strategic planning, IT and network architecture, competitive procurement and project management. He quickly became an invaluable resource for C-level executives and policymakers, as well as a champion for rural broadband and health care.

The SEED Protocol sprouted from Tom’s relationships with rural health care providers who were looking both for better and safer ways to “do Health Information Exchange” and cheaper ways to secure and store patient medical records. Tom sat down with a blank sheet of paper – ignoring existing methods and their accompanying pitfalls – and got to work designing the future of Health IT. The result was broader than health care. It was a quantum leap in cybersecurity now known as the SEED Protocol, delivering unprecedented security, portability and control for your confidential information.

Dennie brings groundbreaking tech innovations to life. A software engineer with extensive cloud and middleware experience, he has taken leadership roles with multiple startups. He’s served as CTO for seven different up-and-coming companies over the course of his career.

But what sets Dennie apart is the projects he chooses to develop. In 2007, he founded Dev Team 7, fulfilling his dream of managing a small, elite team with a singular focus on quality. They are selective about the projects they take on, carefully considering the client behind the idea and what they are trying to accomplish.

Dennie is drawn to ideas that have the potential to change the world. He’s developed tools to stop drivers from texting and help celebrities increase awareness and raise money for their favorite charities. Now, with SEED Protocol, he continues his streak of delivering solutions that are part product, part social movement.  

Dennie Guy

CTO and Lead Engineer

Tom Reid

CEO and Lead Inventor

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U.S. Patent Nos. 9,378,380 and 9,390,228

Ian Smith

President of European Division

Ian applies Design Thinking to digital disruption. He has over 35 years of experience building innovative tech firms of all sizes. In creating digital solutions for healthcare and government, Ian has first-hand knowledge of the importance of security.

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