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SEED Protocol is cybersecurity solution.

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Did you create your own encryption algorighm?

No - the SEED Protocol may utilize any encryption option available now such as RSA and AES.  Since we are algorithm agnostic, customers may also elect to deploy other existing or future post-quantum encryption options such a Lattice. 

Where is SEED hosted?

The SEED Protocol was developed on Amazon Web Services, offering tremendous scalability using their EC2, S3 and elastic load balancing services.  We can, though, port the SEED Protocol into any hosting environment based on customer requirements.  We developed our software using the LAMP stack, thus straightforward to move to a variety of hosting solutions.  The Key Masters are also offered as hardware for on-site deployment (U.S. only).    

What are my Key Master options?

The Key Masters come in three flavors:

1. Cloud-based shared

2. Cloud-based dedicated

3. On-premise physical appliance      

Why not use web of trust with PGP and a hardware security module to "roll my own" solution?

There are options to cobble together existing open source solutions to achieve a fraction of the features of the SEED Protocol.  But why would you tackle the chore and assume the liability when our high performance, feature-rich solution is so cost-effective?  Consider the feature comparison below.  

Why does individualized encryption matter?  Won't quantum computing defeat all of today's encryption anyway?

One of the most unfortunate breaches in recent history occurred when cyber thieves stole the records for every American with a security clearance from the Office of Personnel Management.  Consider the following comparison of symmetric encryption and SEED Protocol's approach.  

The Secure Exchange of Encrypted Data

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