SEED Protocol is a cybersecurity solution with full lifecycle protection designed for the interconnected economy

Gain access to and control of your confidential information. 

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U.S. Patent Nos. 9,378,380 and 9,390,228


The SEED Protocol came to life when the CEO of a mid-size health system, a client of Reid’s consulting business, challenged Tom to design a better solution for health information exchange. At the same time, the CIO of the same healthcare provider wanted to securely leverage commodity cloud storage to reduce the costs for storing medical records.  

Starting with a blank piece of paper, Reid designed the Secure Exchange of Encrypted Data.  Once Reid realized that no company was offering the solution, he began the process of securing rights to the intellectual property with his client as the first co-inventor.

From the start, Reid focused on patenting the interlocking design rather than the software.  The SEED Protocol’s expansive intellectual property includes 47 claims across two patents providing robust protection (U.S. Patent Nos. 9,378,380 and 9,390,228).  Our additional pending U.S. application filed in June 2016 broadens the claims and extends the design to secure the Internet of Things.  

Reid has also filed for international patents in the EU (published application 3219048), India, Israel and Australia.  Tom Reid and Dennie Guy, co-inventors, continue to add to the related intellectual property.

SEED Protocol LLC is a transatlantic startup developing the USA and Europe in parallel. We share common goals while embracing geopolitical differences in the evolution of data security policies and laws.

SEED Protocol is cybersecurity solution.

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Tom Reid

CEO & Founder

Dennie Guy

CTO & Co-Founder

Tom is a technology visionary and hands-on leader, a workhorse with three decades of experience in network protocols, cybersecurity and IT management. The SEED Protocol is the culmination of that experience, invented to meet client demand for secure portability and affordable storage of proprietary data.

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Dennie brings groundbreaking innovations to life. A software engineer with extensive cloud and middleware experience, he develops ideas that have the potential to change the world. SEED Protocol continues Dennie’s streak of delivering solutions that are part product, part social movement.

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Ian Smith

President E.U. and Co-Founder

Ian applies Design Thinking to digital disruption. He has over 35 years of experience building innovative tech firms of all sizes. In creating digital solutions for healthcare and government, Ian has first-hand knowledge of the importance of security.

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The Secure Exchange of Encrypted Data

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