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U.S. Patent Nos. 9,378,380 and 9,390,228

Innovative Design For Protecting Confidential Information

Building a secure foundation for our hyper-connected world


Management is split across three computers – hacking any one does not compromise the protected data. Individualized encryption creates a tremendous cracking hurdle. Even the IT staff do not have the keys.


Information retains its original encryption as it passes from organization to organization as well as across applications and devices.


Permissions control access to the protected data. Activity tracking provides complete visibility and drives anomaly detection.


Choose Your Application:

Key Master: Generate unique encryption locks and keys for each person and/or case and perform all encryption/decryption functions.

The SEED Protocol is a distributed, interlocking system of three computers – hacking any one does not compromise the protected data.

Registry: Manages identities of individuals and organizations, catalogs files and related access permissions, and provides the Watchdog feature that extends anomaly detection to support personalized triggers.

Cloud Lockbox: Stores and manages the encrypted files utilizing access controls of both the patented mechanism as well as the underlying file system.  Cloud Lockboxes can operate on any public cloud, private cloud or local storage, including end-user device

U.S. Patent Nos. 9,378,380 and 9,390,228

Open APIs: Our unorthodox application of asymmetric encryption unifies data from multiple sources organized around the individual and/or case. The SEED Protocol can support any standard asymmetric encryption library. V-1 currently uses the RSA with 2,048-bit keys.


About the Technology

Gain the benefits of blockchain without the unnecessary complexity.