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U.S. Patent Nos. 9,378,380 and 9,390,228, U.S. Application 15/170,981, EU Patent Application 3 219 048

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SEED-DirectTM 2nd Factor 

Users authenticate directly with Registry, bypassing software, using SEED-Direct apps

Triangulates identity and permissions among the individual, the software and SEED

Enables immediate detection of user account hijackings and workstation malware

Supports multiple options for authentication including biometrics

The Secure Exchange of Encrypted Data

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Dissociative MaskingTM 

Defend valuable company information before allowing third party access, e.g. data scientists

De-identify to protect customer identities

Tokenize sensitive fields

Re-identify and re-associate as needed

Add to data longitudinally

Enable two-way communications while retaining anonymity

Integrate both SEED-protected and non-SEED data sources

Watchdog AITM 

Uses machine learning to detect abnormal patterns of activity providing powerful behavioral detection

"Crowdsource" breach detection to internal users and even consumers using SEED-Direct apps

Establishes user accountability

Creates personalized thresholds to keep thieves from "flying under the radar"

Operates across multiple applications and organizations

SEED Isolate & EncryptTM 

Encryption functions and key management moved to Key Master

Key Master generates unique lock and key for each consumer and/or project

Sensitive data encrypted with individualized locks and stored in Cloud Lockbox

Identities and permissions cataloged in Registry

Access to protected data requires authenticated API calls

Deposits and retrievals require triangulation across all three SEED components


Enables multiple applications to share the same SEED-protected data

Extends the encryption, visibility and control across applications, organizations and devices

Harmonize identities and permissions spanning any business ecosystem

Delivers Blockchain-like benefits without the unnecessary complexity

Healthcare example pictured

Flexibility - High Performance - Global Scalability

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Harnessing the power of triangulation to stop cyber thieves and rogue insiders 

Seamless integration into any software 

Protects sensitive data at-rest and in-motion

Data residency control and consumer access for full GDPR compliance

Supports cloud-native and hybrid applications 

Unifies and secures any business ecosystem, delivering better-than-Blockchain benefits

SEED EcosystemTM

Deploys machine learning and crowdsourcing to detect and block unauthorized access

Watchdog AITM

SEED Isolate & EncryptTM

Automates individualized encryption and isolates functions to defend against cyber thieves and insiders

Triangulates identity and permissions to immediately detect hijacked user accounts and infected computers

SEED-DirectTM  2nd Factor

Dissociative MaskingTM

De-identifies and tokenizes sensitive information for third party use, e.g. data science analysis 

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Delivering better-than-blockchain features to unite any business ecosystem

Unparalleled Features in Cyber Security and Collaboration

Why do we need SEED?

Patented Interlocking Design

Key Masters:  Generate and manage a unique "lock and key" to protect the sensitive data about each person or project. Perform all encryption and decryption functions.  

Registry:  Manages identities and permissions, catalogs protected data files.  Registries communicate to retain unique identities and share data across extended community.

Cloud Lockbox:  Manages the encrypted data. Generates one-time, time-limited download tokens.  May utilize any blend of cloud or on-premise storage.  

Watchdog AI:  Employs machine learning to stop unauthorized access.  Enables crowdsourcing to personalize alarm thresholds to keep thieves from "flying under the radar."

Richard Gibson

Executive Director

Health Record Banking Alliance 

"SEED addresses a significant problem in protecting and sharing sensitive personal data. Companies can add the Protocol to their existing infrastructure. Innovation can continue yet consumer data remains secure from a massive breach."

David Azoulay

CTO, Simplicité Software

"I am impressed with the elegant design and high performance of the SEED Protocol – an excellent solution for uniting a business ecosystem.  It was easy to integrate with our platform."

Customer Voices

Kristine Barr

Vice-President for Information Technology,

Holzer Health System

"The SEED Protocol offers a powerful solution for internal integration of our applications as well as a strong method of providing records to patients."

Karen Thomas

CEO, Agrin Health LLC

"We are really impressed with SEED’s thoughtful design – a great solution for securing our data."


Features In-Depth

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Provides options for citizen control to authorize and monitor access plus review and contribute data



SEED-Direct apps provide options to offer direct citizen engagement

Seek informed consent for access

Monitor activity 

Deposit and/or retrieve personal data

Participate in Watchdog AI training and breach detection 

Complete GDPR solution!

U.S. Patent Nos. 9,378,380 and 9,390,228, 
U.S. Application 15/170,981, 
EU Patent Application 3 219 048
Broad protection for the patented mechanism
(not software patents)

Secure Exchange of Encrypted Data